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Disinfection Services

American Craftsman Restoration specializes in high-quality disinfection and sanitization services that you can rely on to make your home or business safe. Partnered with TOMI SteraMist™, we utilize the best and most effective technology that can kill 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and spores.


What Makes Us Better?

While other cleaning companies use products like Lysol, Clorox, and Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect residential and commercial properties, American Craftsman relies on the hospital-grade disinfection system, TOMI® SteraMist™ which has an EPA inactivation claim against norovirus.

Though cleaning products like Lysol and Clorox can help clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces, the chemicals are often left behind and cause a hazard to people and animals. Many of these products cannot be used repeatedly as they can damage essential equipment like electronics.

Disinfection And Sanitization Is Our Primary Focus

While other companies are offering disinfection services at this time, American Craftsman Restoration has completed shifted our focus purely to disinfection and decontamination. Our partnership with TOMI SteraMist™ increases our full commitment to providing the best services to our community.

American Craftsman has the ONLY 6 Log kill product on the market to free surfaces and contents of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Expert Disinfection And Sanitization

American Craftsman Restoration’s expert disinfection technicians are trained and experienced in the best methods and processes to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around them. With on-call 24/7 response time, our team is committed to meeting the needs of the community and prioritizes urgency. To learn more about the TOMI SteraMist™ System and how American Craftsman Restoration can help protect and safeguard your home or business, call today!

Certified By Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for Healthcare Construction

Our technicians are trained in construction-specific infection controls and Best Management Practices for use in hospitals and healthcare settings.

Construction, renovation and repair activities in hospital and healthcare facilities are likely to create and/or disturb particles, and cause them to become aerosolized. Patients with suppressed immune systems are especially susceptible to developing potentially life-threatening infections if appropriate precautions are not understood.

This training introduces the participant to the ICRA matrix tool and standard risk mitigation recommendations including typical equipment and supplies used. The training provides individuals a base to conduct activities that minimize the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

By making sure that our technicians are trained to the degree required in a hospital setting, where life and death are the stakes, we ensure that we are careful about your health and safety when working in your facility.


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