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Three Reasons To Act Fast After Water Damage

Accidents happen– pipes break, toilets overflow, roofs leak. You may think that when the excess water flows out of the house, the worst is over. Unfortunately, the damage continues.  Whether your Santa Clarita home has been flooded by broken pipes or a leaky roof, of course, you want to remove all contaminated and wet materials […]

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4 Reasons You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration

When not done properly, water damage repair can have negative, lingering effects on your home. In fact, if you have ever experienced water damage in your Santa Clarita home and not had it repaired by professionals, you probably still have damage that you are unaware of. Water damage repair is more than just drying up […]

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Eco-Friendly Water Damage Restoration In Santa Clarita

American Craftsman specializes in water damage restoration for homes and businesses in Santa Clarita. One aspect of water damage restoration is cleaning and repairing water affected areas, another aspect is getting areas dry enough that they don’t support future mold growth. In this process, our experts have the opportunity to use many different products to […]

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Find The Team With Your Complete Water Damage Solution

Water damage in your home can be dangerous, overwhelming and confusing. Rather than simply cleaning up the incident, connect with a restoration team to solve the underlying problem with a complete and logical remediation plan for the water. Don’t overlook the residual moisture that can lead to a mold infestation or future instability of the structural […]

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